Friday, March 11, 2011

Nightshade News!

The paperback edition of Nightshade will release this June, and the art department at Penguin created a new cover:

I really like the concept, especially the fact that Calla human & wolf both share the same eye.

I’m not sure if I prefer it to the original cover, but it sure is beautiful!

In the same concept, Wolfsbane got a new cover as well:

I really like it to, I can’t wait to have my own copy!

It would seem that the first cover they released for the second book won’t be available at all, but Andrea isn’t sure.

What do you guys think?

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9 People left their mark on “Nightshade News!”

  1. Cade Crowley

    WTH?! The original covers are so much prettier! Also, I would kind of like my set to match without having to buy a new copy of NIGHTSHADE :'(

  2. Anna

    Wow, I love how Calla and the wolf share the same eye too, that is so creative! The new covers are so dark and lovely but I really liked the bright colors of the original covers. I hope they change their mind and have separate covers for the hardback and paperback versions. I really loved both versions.

  3. Mariya

    I’m extremely mad about this. What they could’ve done was have these new covers as paperbacks and have the lovely colorful ones for hardcover, but no they had screw everything up. I don’t like the new covers and I would’nt even wanna be seen wit that cover. Being a graphic designer is messing wit my head. I see thigns too differently now.

  4. Lindsay

    While I like the original covers A LOT better (the new ones are kinda cheesy), I am SO STOKED for Wolfsbane! Ahhh! =)

  5. Elzahh

    I prefer the old covers…but I like the new version of nightshade, looks cool. The Wolfsbane cover I’m not a fan of.

    It would be good if they had kept the original covers for the hard backs and these new ones for the paper backs. Seeing these new covers has kind of thrown me off this series…but that’s just my opinion.

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