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PSB: Crescent Moon Press Day–Part 1

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Crescent Moon Press authors were really excited by the Paranormal Spring Break and eight (8) of them wanted to participate! To keep it manageable, authors were paired two by two an interviews each other! On this post, you’ll be able to see the first two authors: Lara Nance & Tracy Farrell.

Lara Nance’s interview with Tracy Farrell

Uprising: Mated Hearts

Five thousand years have passed since the Destroyer and his Disciples escaped a dying planet known as Earth. Humanity has become a force to be feared. One woman is all that stands between intergalactic war and peace.

Liandra never asked to be a leader. Unfortunately, the Mother and Father of All have plans for her—plans that include uniting Liandra with two very different men who will help her defeat the Destroyer.

Everything changes for Starke the day he feels the other half of his soul. When Liandra is kidnapped, nothing will stop the hardheaded warrior from freeing her, even if it means war.

Terral has lived as the Dark One for more than four decades, but a vision calls him to a new path. Determined to right the wrongs of his past, Terral raises an army to bring down the Destroyer-an army dedicated to serving one woman

Q.  I’m interviewing a rising star in the Sci-fi Romance world today, Tracy Farrell. Tracy, you have a new book coming out in April 2011 titled, Uprising: Mated Hearts. What intrigues you with this idea of life after Earth as we know it is gone?
A.  Thank you so much Lara, I think what most intrigues me about life after Earth as we know it is humanities journey. I love the idea of discovering who and what lies out there in space, especially if it involves hot alpha heroes, but the other fascinating aspect is to see how we will evolve.
Q. Since you write Sci-Fi romance, what is your favorite Sci-fi novel of all time and why?
A. That’s a tough one there are so many good novels not just Sci-Fi, and as I wrote about on Crescent Moon Press’s blog I’m a bibliophile. The first Sci-Fi series I read was Dune by Frank Herbert. My parents bought me the whole series when I was in sixth grade and the depth of the world building captured my imagination and made me want to jump the first ship and see what was out there. I also love Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series while not Sci-Fi one half of the Destroyer’s persona in The Uprising: Mated Hearts is a nod to the Sandman.
Q. Your heroine, Liandra, is called out to be a strong leader. Is there a part of you in this
A. I would like to think that there is a part of me in all my heroines, while I’m not fighting for the fate of the universe I hope I have faced life’s challenges with the same strength and dignity that Liandra does. Who doesn’t want to believe they’re a kick butt heroine. That’s one of the best things about being a writer.
Q. My favorite writing vice is red wine, what’s yours?
A. So many vices so little time >G<. But if had to pick one vice it would be any type of carb. I’m a big time carboholic, give me a fresh loaf of bread straight from the oven or a big plate of rich pasta and I’m a happy camper.
Q. Tell us what you’re writing now.
A. Like everything in my life I’ve always a bunch of projects I’m working on. The first is a sequel to The Uprising: Mated Hearts this one will involve Terral and you’ll get to find out who side he’s really on and what that extra appendage of his is really for. I am also completing a novel involving Ogres called Conquering the Dark and just started a series about Angels called Angelic Guardians.

Tracy Farrell’s interview with Lara Nance

Memories of Murder

When Maeve McKenna renounces her witch powers and accepts a low-key nurse practitioner position at a Virginia retirement community, the last thing she expects is a suicide her first day on the job. As the town’s sexy sheriff, Paul Sutton, starts looking into the tragic death of his father’s friend, Maeve can’t help but get involved–with both the case and him.

Their informal investigation unveils an old journal that connects the ruins of a nearby asylum and long-forgotten cemetery with the shiny new retirement community’s memory unit—and Maeve’s Alzheimer’s patients. Maeve senses a sinister presence in the old asylum, calling to the patients, but in order to stop it from killing again, she must first conquer some demons of her own and reclaim the magic she’s denied herself.

Q. Today I have the privilege of interviewing the very talent Lara Nance, author of Memories of Murder out this month and Dealers of Light out in May 2011. You’ve lived all over the south and currently reside on a sailboat in Virginia. I think that is amazing.  How did that come to be?
A. Thanks, Tracy! I’ve owned this sailboat for eleven years and I lived on it once before when I was in nursing school to save money. When my husband and I moved to Virginia Beach we weren’t ready to buy a house so we decided to live on the boat for a while. Three years later we’re still here. We like the lifestyle and being on the water, so now I don’t see us becoming land lubbers until we’re older.
Q. How has your being a nurse influenced your choice of careers for your heroines?
A. They say write what you know!  LOL. Actually, the ideas come from my work. Memories of Murder became an idea when I wondered if my Alzheimer’s patients could see ghosts. Dealers of Light came out of my feeling that as a healer I sometimes use touch and there are many patients who *suck* the energy out of me. I expanded on those simple ideas and, voila, plots developed.
Q. In Memories of Murder your heroine Maeve McKenna is a nurse practitioner and a witch. Which I think is intriguing and very original. Can you tell us about your research?  What drew to write about a witch?
A. I wanted her to have to give up something that was a big part of her and struggle with the loss. She is a witch from birth and that heritage is part of who she is no matter what career she chose. So when she gave it up, a part of her soul went with it. That sort of internal conflict is great in a story.
My research mostly involved ancient Celtic
Q. Sheriff Paul Sutton is well what can one say so very yummy and so very alpha. What’s your favorite trait of his?
A. I like that Paul is this tough Green Beret, but he cared enough about his family that he came home to help out when his father developed Alzheimer’s.
Q. So what’s next?
A. I have several projects rolling around in my head. There is a sequel to Memories of Murder I want to write about Maeve’s black sheep cousin, Damon, who left the family fold and moved to New York. I also have a steampunk adventure being presented to editors by my agent right now. So the writing never stops!


Thank you ladies for those interviews! I hope you had as much fun as we did ^^

Each of them would like to offer a prize.

  • Tracy is offering a Silver necklace with tigers eye gem and rose quartz

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  • Lara is offering a signed copy of Memories of Murder
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