Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PSB: Num8ers & Th3 Cha0s by Rachel Ward Giveaway


Thanks to Big Honcho Media & Chicken House publishing, I have one set of finished copies of both Num8ers & Th3 Cha0s by Rachel Ward to offer you! What a great opportunity to start this series =)

Before I spill the beans on the giveaway details, let’s learn a bit more about the book ^^

Numbers (Numbers, #1)


Whenever Jem meets someone new, no matter who, as soon as she looks into their eyes, a number pops into her head. That number is a date: the date they will die.
Burdened with such an awful awareness, Jem avoids relationships. Until she meets Spider, another outsider, and takes a chance. But while they’re waiting to ride the Eye Ferris
wheel, Jem notices that all the other tourists in line flash the same number. Today’s number. Today’s date. Terrorists are going to attack London. Jem’s world is about to explode!



The Chaos (Numbers, #2)


Adam sees ‘numbers’ – when he looks in peoples’ eyes he can see their death-dates, just like his mum Jem used to. Adam has trouble dealing with his awful gift, and when he realizes that everyone around him has the same series of numbers, he becomes deeply afraid of what might happen in 2025.
Desperate to find out what could be about to go wrong, Adam spends hours researching possibilities – war, nuclear accidents, killer viruses. He knows something big is coming, but what? And is there anything he can possibly do about it?


Interested in winning both books?

  • This giveaway is open to US only
  • To enter, just FILL THE FORM
  • you can to earn an extra entry by spreading the word

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Ends April 6th, 2011.

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  1. FurryReaders

    That would just be awful to learn that every time you meet someone but to know when but not how. What an inventive premise!


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