Friday, March 25, 2011

Trade your eBooks!


A new website opened just last week, and it’s kinda like book mooch & paperback swap except that you are trading ebooks!

It’s called ebook fling and it’s very easy to use.

First you subscribe for free and add the books you have either on nook or kindle.

You get 2 credit points right away when subscribing.

You can then start browsing the books available to find one you want to borrow!

It costs 1 pt per book you borrow and you get 1 pt per book you lend.

You can also establish a wishlist and they will email you when one of the title is available.

More details here

They are having a few software problem since it’s so very new, but they are working on fixing the issues.

I haven’t borrowed a book yet using this system because the books I want are not available yet, but the more people subscribing, the more available books there is!

Will you join?

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