Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jace’s letter to Clary

Cassie Clare made Jace’s letter to Clary available yesterday!

If you were lucky enough to have the special edition of City of Fallen Angels you’ve already read it, but as an International reader I hadn’t had the chance to and I think it’s AMAZING!

Before I post the letter, here’s a fan-made trailer based on this letter. It’s awesome and gave me goose bumps. Makes me that much more excited for the movie!

Jace & Clary–City of Glass

Now onto the letter!

(source: Cassie’s website)

How awesome is this guy? I mean c’mon!

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5 People left their mark on “Jace’s letter to Clary”

  1. Book ♥ Soulmates

    I hadn’t read the letter before b/c I got my copy of CoFA from Amazon and it didn’t include it.

    Seriously though, it just made me want to cry a little. Oh Jace…


  2. Ina

    I love this letter! Jace sure is one of a kind. They don’t come along very often. What a crying shame that is! 😉

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