Sunday, November 11, 2012

A question for moms!

Well here’s another not-book-related post from me. My little angel is now 6 months old and I’m having a hard time figure out how to dress her for cold nights and I’m running out of ideas. Here’s my situation, hopefully you can help me! Lily-Ann always kicked her covers, and lately started to pull them over her head ( she likes to play peek-a-boo, see video proof at the end) so a blanket is out of question.

I have had her sleep in a sleeping sac for months now, and it was all good except that a week or so ago, she started to turn on her belly in her crib (she’s been able to for weeks, but never did it in her crib at night before). With the sleeping sac though, she gets stuck by the rail, tangled in the sac and wiggles likes a fish out of water, so I have to get up and reposition her. She used to fall asleep in her bed on her own, but now I have to rock her to sleep and then put her into her bed or she keeps switching to her belly. This means, not only does she still wakes up 3-4 times a night, but now it takes me an hour each time to  put her back in bed. Mommy is exhausted.

Now, I thought: Hey why not put a warmer pj over her regular pj. It’ll keep her warm and she’ll be free to move. Unfortunately, it’s not keeping her warm enough. You’ll say, just crank up to heat you idiot, but it’s advised to keep a 67F temperature to lessen sudden death of new-born risks, and I already keep the room a little warmer.

So as mentioned in the intro… I am out of idea to keep my daughter warm and safe at night, and hopefully get some sleep myself. Any ideas?

Super cute video you really want to watch:


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  1. Theresa

    There’s no rule saying Lili-Ann has to wear jammies in bed. If would put her in anything that is comfortable and safe for her. Sweats, leg warmers and soft sweater, whatever. Also, I would see if the crib can be moved closer to the heat register or farther away from the window. 🙂

    • Tynga

      Unfortunately the heat register is under the window. But her crib is on the opposite wall, and its the wall by my room, so the hottest possible. Thanks!

  2. Hannah Milton

    Oh my god, that video was the cutest thing I have ever seen. There might actually be sparkly tears in my eyes at the moment.

    Unfortunately I have no advice to offer 🙁 My nephew is about the same age, but he doesn’t roll over yet so the sleeping sack still works. I hope someone else has some advice! Good luck!

  3. Katrina Marie

    Try footed pajamas. They have ones that are fleece. My daughter has never liked covers. We had to move her crib, and keep her in footed pajamas. We still do a lot of the time because she still kicks her blanket off, and she’s 3.

  4. Cheryl McInnis

    If you know someone who crochets, an afghan is a great alternative to a blanket. We used one with both of my daughters. It was made of a nice thick yarn so it kept them warm, but it was made with big needles (hooks?)so the holes in it were large enough to circulate lots of air so that we didn’t have to worry if they pulled it up over their head at night.
    Great video, too! Lily-Ann is a sweetie 🙂

  5. Kayla S

    When my little man was that age he slept in his little booties from Old Navy or comfy socks, comfy pants and a long sleeved onsie… He actually used a light blanket too. We never had any problem with him kicking it off or anything though. We were able to keep his ceiling fan on high but move the heat closer to 70 so it wasn’t quite so cold but there was enough air movement to keep the chance of SIDS minimized. On the really cold nights, we put on a heavier onsie. I’m really cold natured so I was always worried he wasn’t warm enough even though I was comfortable haha. Each baby is so different it’s hard to figure out the best way to make them comfy. >_< Such a cutie btw!!

  6. Kristin @ My ParaHangover

    I had the same exact dilemma living in Maine when my grommet was young. I found Carter’s long sleeve onesies did the trick. They make them in plain white and they were great for keeping Jake’s “core” warm. On really cold nights, I’d have him wear them under fleece pj’s (I swore by Carter’s back then b/c they’re so soft! I hope you can get them up there!!!) Here’s a link to long sleeve onesies so you can see what I mean (sorry about the affiliate link!)

    Remember, these little guys run hot. Keeping their legs a little cooler lets them vent a little bit. I totally stressed the whole blanket in bed thingy, too!!! And at 6 years old, we still check him at night to make sure he’s still breathing 😀

    • Tynga

      What I tried last night was a light 9 month size footie pj and a carter warmer pj (12 months) over it. When I changed her diaper at 4 am though I realized her skin was cold underneath it all.

      I’m always wondering if she’s cold when her skin is cold, cuz sometimes our skin is cold but we’re fine. So hard to guess!

  7. Page (One Book At A Time)

    I’ve always read that once a baby can roll over by them self that the danger of SIDS lowers significantly. You probably would be safe in turning up the heat a little. I’ve never heard a set temperature to keep a room at for infants. I kept both my girls’ room right around 70.

  8. KtTurner

    I’m from Australia, so I’m not sure if you can get these there, but here we can get foam blocks that you could put on either side of her to stop her from rolling over at night. We used them for my middle child and they worked. Another idea is to roll towels and put on either side or I’ve just found something on the Internet called a Safe T Sleep, like a velcro strap that holds them in place to sleep ( Anyway, hope these are some ideas for you. Good luck. 🙂

  9. Sharon Stogner

    Call your doctor and ask about the safety of her rolling over during the night. That way you will know for sure if this is a problem. I wouldn’t think there was a risk since her body is ready for the ability to roll over. It won’t be long before she is crawling around in the crib also ask the doctor how to know if she is cold. I used footed PJs and kept the same temp and never worried about her being cold. But if your thermostat is in a different room then the temp could be lower in her room. Put a thermometer in there one evening and check. Do you think she isn’t sleeping through the night because she turns over? I don’t think that should matter… she should put herself back to sleep. I remember you had this problem earlier, did you solve it then? You might have to fix it again 🙂

  10. Anne

    My mother always put us in those one piece fleece footed pajama outfits, that was it, no blankets and she kept the indoor temps in the 60’s too.

  11. Sandy

    Try BLANKET SLEEPERS….they are heavier than footed pjs or sleepers, with the weight of a fleece blanket.

    Like me, you are Canadian, and BLANKET SLEEPERS are available at most of the local department stores and children’s shops.

  12. carol

    She is adorable! I don’t have any other suggestions. If I remember right, we had heavy footed pajames for our daughter when she was that little.

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