Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kindle Deals + question for Canadian kindle users!

First, Amazon is offering to transfer our kindle accounts to amazon.ca and I find myself wondering what it’s like? As anyone made the switch? Are there any kindle deals? can you buy every books just the same? Did you have any issue with your NetGalley account? Any insight would be appreciated!


All books are 3,99$ or less (most are 2,99$). Don’t miss this opportunity!

Today only!
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  1. .Ambur.

    I made the switch and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone just yet. Not all titles available in the US Store are even on the Canadian one, and we also don’t have the same freebies. I’ve seen Kindle books that were free on the US Store and were over $10 on Canada’s. I think in time it will be alright, but right now I would suggest waiting until more authors and publishers have become aware that the Canadian store is even an option because I think that’s the reason some titles aren’t on the Canada store.

    The one thing I have noticed is that some books are cheaper though. A book that’s $.99 on the US store might be $.94 in Canada’s, so I like that. 😛 It adds up when you buy a bunch. haha Some are even cheaper than that, too. I have noticed some publisher titles are cheaper on Canada’s. Abby Gline’s Vincent Boys series (the uncut versions) in particular are a couple of dollars cheaper.

    So, I guess making the switch is up to you. Some titles are cheaper, but not all titles are even available on Canada’s store yet, and many of the freebies for the US aren’t free for Canada…so it all depends on what you want out of it. One thing I will add is that you can’t buy from the US Store once you switch, so all of the links for that store don’t work for you. I’ve just been replacing the .com section of the urls with .ca though and it takes you to Canada’s equivalent page if there is one, but it is another thing to think about.

  2. Nicole Laverdure

    I buy all my books, hard cover or paperback, on Amazon.ca. My Kindle books came from Amazon.com, so when I decided to choose an ebook, the switch was made. I am sorry to say, the list of free books is not the same, I saw a lot of erotic and hard core books, but less of romances. My favorites authors are from USA, sorry, to the canadian authors! In the US store, if the book is .99 here its .99 plus taxe. The positive side is that canadiens readers who only read in french can find some interesting books. I decided to switch back to the US store. When, you go on ” Your Kindle profile” you can make this change. So now, I still by my books on Amazon.ca and my Ebooks on Amazon.com
    Also, I publish short reviews of the books I loved to read on both Amazon, and there is no problems. So, I guess it’s a personnal choice. I’m a french lady from Quebec, but read now in english, I don’t like the translation made in France and the french version costs at least twice or trible the price of the original. And a plus, I just love the covers of the romances I choose to read.

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