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Stacking The Shelves {193}

Stacking the Shelves

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Hello All!! I hope you all had a great Holiday Season as we have here in the formerly Sunny (now Soggy) San Diego 😉  I started off my New Year by setting a goal on the GoodReads Reading Challenge.  I went for the easy goal of 50 books for the year.  Here’s how I started out!

STS Jan 16

  • I really enjoyed The Mermaid’s Sister and gave it a fitting review earlier this week.  It’s a really good story for younger readers.
  • Way on the other end of the spectrum is Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright.  I’ll be posting more on that one next week.
  • Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World is an excellent book to learn about how the Mongols influenced the entire civilized world.  I also found it interesting to see some of the best sci-fi and fantasy plots and tropes show up.
  • Some Fine Day by Kat Ross is an interesting Post Apocalyptic story.  It’s an intriguing concept that could have been split into two more in depth books.
  • Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace is a 18th century period piece.  Nothing supernatural or other worldly so far.  Just an entertaining story.
  • Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster is another of mature selections of this bunch.  It’s a fascinating retelling of some of our favorite classic paranormal stories.
So, tell me, what how have you started this year’s reading?
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  1. Ailsa @ The Book Bundle

    Kiss Of Steel sounds quite interesting – I’m sure I’ve heard of or seen Bec McMaster’s books before but I’ve not read anything by her.

    I’ve ended up reading a few romance books recently (I just started working at a major romance publisher) but I’m also reading The Tropic Of Serpents by Marie Brennan which is lots of fun – dragons are always good 🙂

    Ailsa @ The Book Bundle recently posted…Stacking The Shelves

  2. Christina @ The Book Hookup

    Proud it seems like you’ve enjoyed most of your reads so far this year. I’ve read Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger (really enjoyed!), Elle Kennedy’s The Score (Dean may have beat Garrett out to be my favorite-loved!), and now I’m currently reading Brighton Walsh’s Paige in Progress (her writing and characters just do it for me!).

    Happy weekend and happy reading!

    Christina @ The Book Hookup recently posted…Stacking the Shelves {113}

  3. starryeyedjen

    I upped my goal by 25 from last year for a total of 225. I pretty much do that every year. 😉 With all the audio I listen to, this is entirely doable. Good luck on your own goal!

    I was interested in The Mermaid’s Sister, but seeing that you call it a good read for YOUNGER readers, I think I’ll skip it.

    Here’s how my week went: The Weekend Update – 1.9.15. Have a great weekend!
    starryeyedjen recently posted…{The Weekend Update} 1.9.15 – The Week of Highs and Lows

  4. Vlora

    I set an even easier goal of 35 books and I’ve read 2 so far, both of which I liked, so that’s a good start! I don’t know any of the books you mentioned, but I hope you enjoy your next reads. 🙂
    Vlora recently posted…We Have a Radio Show!

  5. Sofia T.

    I managed to read 5 books this week! I’ve been participating in the GoodReads challenge for at least 3 years and it’s been great. This year I’m hoping to read at least 150 books. I used to challenge myself for more but it’s really hard to find time for additional reading while in uni 🙂
    Sofia T. recently posted…STACKING THE SHELVES #69

  6. Laurie Carlson

    Wow! Those are quite some books you have to read! By seeing your photo there, they sound right up your alley, though! You are going to enjoy them VERY much!
    One thing though, we are missing the linky-link-up. That is where everyone signs up and it looks like a chart and EVERYONE can see it and we can ALL HOP to each other’s blogs and read their posts, too! We are MISSING THAT SO BAD!!! If you look at some older posts another poster there does, you’ll see what I’m talking about.
    Thanks for listening! We HOPE to see it next week!!!
    Laurie Carlson recently posted…#StackingtheShelves #18 – Holidays are OVER! Time 4 NEW books! Come see!

  7. Robert

    Thank you all for all the great comments, the patients and indeed the links. I do apologize for the missing linkys this week. I wasn’t able to get it into this week’s post but, rest assured that it will be there next week! I especially want to apologize to the first timers in the group. I hope you return this coming Saturday when another member of Team Tynga will share their latest literature acquisitions. I’ve found my own selections this time around to be a mixed bag of surprises so, there may be a little something for everyone to try out.
    Thanks again for your patience and I look forward to the next time I get to share with you all!!
    Happy Reading!!!! 🙂
    Robert recently posted…The nth Day by Jonathan Huls

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