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The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore

The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus LoreThe Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore

Genres: Action & Adventure, Alien Contact, Young Adult
Series: Lorien Legacies #5
Published by Harper Collins on 8/26/14
Pages: 416
Source: Library

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The Garde have suffered an unbearable loss. Number Five has betrayed them. Eight is gone forever. Ella has been kidnapped. The others are now scattered.

In Chicago, John makes the unlikeliest of allies: Adam, a Mogadorian who turned his back on his people. He has invaluable information about Mog technology, battle strategies, and weaknesses. Most important, he knows where to hit them: their command base near Washington, DC. During the assault, however, John and Adam learn the unimaginable truth: it is too late. The Mogadorians have commenced their ultimate invasion plans.

With a front-row seat to the impending invasion, Ella finds herself in the hands of the enemy. For some reason she's more valuable to them alive, and they'll stop at nothing to turn her.

Meanwhile, Six, Nine, and Marina make their way through the Florida Everglades, hot on the trail of the traitorous Five. With the development of a new Legacy, Marina finally has the power to fight back—if her thirst for revenge doesn't consume her first.

Also by this author: The Fall of Five

The Revenge of Seven might be the slowest of the Lorien Legacies books, but it also explains a lot.  I appreciate that.  I’m someone who actually enjoys academic lectures for the knowledge imparted.  So when there’s a pretty long monologue that ends up explaining a big plot point, I’m totally ok with that.  Unfortunately, this series is aimed at readers looking for lots of action and adventure, so lots of explanation and not a lot of action is not a good thing for them.

In this installment of the Lorien Legacies series the gang is still disorganized and still traipsing around.  They’re also still very lovable.  You can’t help but root for them!  They’re gutsy and kind to each other and they find ways to joke/have fun along the way.  In short:  they’re teens!  This series would be so relatable to any teen who picked them up.  These are the teens they go to school with… with super alien powers, of course.  😉

The group learns a lot when poor little Ella is kidnapped by Setrakus Ra.  I hated this part!  Out of the whole group, why her?!?  She’s the “kitten” of the group.  She’s the one I want to protect and cuddle.  I don’t like the thought of little, defenseless Ella in the hands of Setrakus Ra.  But she’s one tough cookie!  It turns out she might have been the best one to get kidnapped.  She held up under Setrakus Ra’s scrutiny.  She protected the other Lorien.

In the last third of the book, the action picks up quickly.  Makes the whole thing worth it!  When I started this book, I thought this might possibly be the last book in the series (I did not prior research) but it turned out to be only another book in the series!  There’s at least two more.  That’s good.  When you request this book from your library, go ahead and request the following one- there’s one heck of a cliffhanger ending to this one!

I listened to the audiobook version of The Revenge of Seven and it was done well!  The narrator does a good job invoking a teenage boy.  He also does a good job imparting a sense of urgency to the action scenes without sounding frenzied and also a sense of calm to the explanatory scenes.

I do recommend this series!

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