RFoxI was born in Virginia and was raised in Tennessee. After twenty years in the U.S. Marines, I settled down in San Diego, California (no, I don’t miss the cold or the snow). I live with my lovely wife, our teenage son and our loveable yellow lab, Phoebe (who actually runs the house).
Knights, castles, dragons, wizards and of course magic have always fascinated me but, my real love for fantasy was sparked when my older brother suggested I read The Hobbit. Since then, along with J.R.R. Tolkien, I have discovered, George R. R. Martin, David Weber, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Christopher Paolini, Faith Hunter, Philip Pullman, Jim Butcher and many more in the Sci-fi/Fantasy Realm. Each week, I look forward to discovering a host of new writers and storytellers along with the followers of Tynga’s Reviews.

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Robert is a husband, dad, electronics technician, and National Novel Writing Month winner. He is an avid fan of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal (fiction or non-fiction) in books, movies or TV.

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