8 Hard Truths About Blade and Bow Bourbon Review.

What is blade and bow bourbon review?

You may be wondering what is blade and bow bourbon review, but first you should know that it is one of the newest bourbons on the market. The company who produces it, Blade and Bow Spirits, has only been around since 2013. They produce it out of Nashville, Tennessee with corn grown in Illinois (5 acres), Minnesota (10 acres) and Iowa (10 acres). Created by master distiller Trey Zoeller who also created Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon.

Blade and Bow Spirits have created several versions of their bourbon, which are 1st, 2nd and 3rd releases. The first release contains 80% corn and 20% rye. The second release contains 90% corn and 10% rye. And the third releases 82%, 90% and 98%, respectively. So what is it? Well it’s a limited release bourbon that is meant to be very different from anything else out there, so I’d say we can say this is a whiskey for the discerning drinker who loves interesting flavors in their whiskey.

What is the use of blade and bow bourbon review?

I’m lucky enough to have had a bottle of the first release in front of me for the last few weeks and I can honestly say it is the best bourbon I’ve ever tasted (so far). The main reason for this is that it tastes very different from other bourbons on the market. The nose and palate are very interesting, because it’s a whiskey with green fruit flavors that also has a combination of ripe berries as well. This makes it extremely complex. It’s quite different from other bourbons, so if you like experimenting with different whiskeys, I would wholeheartedly recommend you give blade and bow bourbon review a try – no one before has reached such notes as this in any other bourbon.

What is the cost of blade and bow bourbon review?

Blade and Bow Corniche Bourbon is a limited edition whiskey so it is going to be expensive. Even the 1st release which was on sale for about $60 has jumped up to around $120. I’ve seen the 2nd release sell for as much as $2000! Wowza! And the 3rd release will sell for around $80.

What are some reviews of blade and bow bourbon review?

Like most bourbons I researched members of The Bourbon Review community have had mixed experiences with Blade and Bow Corniche Bourbon. While there are opinions on all sides, overall it seems that people tend to like it because of its uniqueness, but others have been turned off because of the sweetness.

Reviewers who enjoyed blade and bow bourbon review include Honest Whiskey Reviews, who enjoyed it more than the 2nd release. They said “Body and mouthfeel on this were great! I love the way it feels in my mouth. It is round and full with no sharp edges. There was a lot of sweetness, but it is balanced by that caramel which makes this quite nice to sip neat.” And then there’s The Bourbon Review who loved Blade and Bow Corniche Bourbon saying “All in all, the new Blade & Bow Corniche bourbon is very nice. Smooth, easy drinking whiskey for your collection or for when friends come over.

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage of Blade and Bow is the fact that its corn-forward, which gives it an unusual flavor profile. The fact that it comes in such a unique bottle design is also a big plus. Again, the packaging is really printed on glass and hand blown by an artisan glass-maker in Portland, Oregon. It’s really a beautiful piece and the presentation makes it feel like you’re getting more than just whiskey!

What are the disadvantages of blade and bow bourbon review?

If you don’t like corn whiskey this isn’t going to be your thing because its 90% corn on top of being aged for just 2 years. So it’s not going to be nearly as complex as a lot of whiskies. You should try Blade and Bow Corniche Bourbon at least once, preferably neat or on the rocks. You should really be prepared for something unique. If you enjoy it then I’d say it’s worth picking up a bottle, but if you don’t like it you aren’t out too much cash because this isn’t one that will sell for much more than retail anytime soon.


Overall I think it’s good, but not great. But I wanted to at least give you a unique bourbon that I don’t think we’ve covered yet on The Bourbon Review. If you just aren’t the corn whiskey type then you really are missing out. I’d recommend trying it because it’s made to be enjoyed by the person who wants to experience a fun bourbon which is not your ordinary bourbon.


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