The Surprising Truth About Gaming Finger Gloves.

What is gaming finger gloves?

The more literal name of gaming finger gloves is “fingertip control gloves” or “hand-operated controllers”. They have been created to be an interface between the gamer and the gaming device. The glove is worn on one hand, usually the dominant hand, with a number of buttons which correspond to different controls on the gaming device.

The gloves are often available in different sizes, but in order to use them successfully the fitting of the glove must be very precise. In order to download the software that runs on the gaming device, one must attach a USB-to-serial cable to the gaming console or computer. The standard USB-to-serial device has been created in such a way that it can only connect with a very specific kind of computing systems. A gaming console will work with this and also some computers, but not every computer can work with a dedicated USB peripheral. To solve this problem, some companies have made special versions of their gaming glove which are able to connect with your computer over Bluetooth connection instead of through USB.

Why do people use gaming finger gloves?

For obvious reasons, the gaming glove is a unique way to interact with a gaming device while playing on a computer. One can operate the controls without needing to look at the screen, which makes a stealthy way to play games on their PC. This system also makes it possible for people to use their hands as they play without causing any gyration in their hands. If one were to try using this kind of gaming system without wearing gloves, one would find that they could not use their fingers effectively because they would become fatigued after handling so many keys while playing.

What makes it so different?

These gloves are not just a simple controller for a console. The signal from the glove has been created. So that it can be used on almost any kind of platform. Game consoles, PCs, and even smartphones. This means that you can switch devices without having to carry around multiple sets of gloves. The controllers available today are different because they are designed to be used in conjunction with PCs and consoles. With this kind of versatility, different kinds of games become playable, including sports games and even 3D FPS shooter games.

What are the features?

The important things to note about gaming gloves include the fact. That they allow players to operate the controls of a game from a distance. Which makes them perfect for stealthy players. They also allow for more control than would otherwise be possible. Which is one reason why most FPS games are playable with this system. These gloves are also very customizable. Allowing for different kinds of effects depending on the gaming system you choose. (e.g. motion-sensor games, or games where accuracy is key). Although these gloves are usually used with a controller or joystick. They can be used without any sort of input device at all.


The first game to ever make use of the gaming glove was “Sega Rally Championship” for the Dreamcast. This is one of the few games that used a real controller to connect with the Dreamcast. Although this control system allows for amazing accuracy, the system takes a lot of precision to be successfully used. It is possible to play these games without gloves by using an additional controller. But they do not allow gamers to use their fingers in a very precise manner. The most important feature of gaming finger gloves is that they allow players to use their fingers through stealthy. Means while navigating a computer or console without having to look at the screen.


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