Undeniable Proof That You Need if people were dogs

If people were dogs, people would think they were intelligent. There would be no need for the “if people were dogs” argument. Not that people aren’t dogs, but that they are intelligent.

If people were dogs, that would mean that they would make mistakes, would smell things, would have accidents, etc. That would be the end of the argument.

No. People are actually intelligent. We are, so we make mistakes, we do have accidents, we smell things, etc. So if people were dogs, wouldn’t that mean that they smell things, they have accidents, etc. That would be the end of the argument. That’s just a stupid way of looking at it.

I disagree. I think if people were really dogs, they would be good and nice dogs that are extremely intelligent. They would make mistakes, they would have accidents, they would have accidents. They would be like “OMG! I smell something!” or “OMG! I smell something!” or “OMG! I smell something!”.

Of course they would. It is what it is. Some dogs are dumb, some are good at sniffing out humans. The point is that if people were dogs, they would be much more sensitive to humans than most people are.

I don’t know if it is, but I can’t help but feel that dogs are a lot more intuitive with people than most people are. It is the same reason that people have a hard time telling what something is when you first see it. Dogs are always able to tell people that the cat is an illusion or a trick, or that the dog is not a dog. It is the same reason that people do not know what a real, live, breathing human being is like.

This is a fact that is often overlooked if we think that our brains are so damn dumb that we can’t tell that a dog is a dog. I have yet to see anyone who can tell a kitty from a cat, or a rabbit from a mouse, or a cat from a dog without a doubt, and my brain can do that as well. Dogs also tend to be more aware of the emotions of people.

When we say that dogs are more aware of people’s emotions, we are being very general. This is actually why we have to keep our dogs on a leash. They have to get some form of self-awareness about the emotions of humans. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be a dog.

I think this is because dogs are dogs, and they are conscious. Dogs are not conscious of their emotions, but they are aware of how to handle them. Just like humans, to a dog, the feelings of a person are just emotions. Like the dog owner, to a dog, a person is just a thing.

I think it’s interesting that dogs are so conscious of their emotions. We have a tendency to think that a dog will be very oblivious to their environment, but that’s not true at all. I’ve never seen a dog that does not have some form of self-awareness that they are in a dog park or have a friend that they can play with or watch TV with. It’s just that we’ve been trained to think that way.

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