The Surprising Truth About Pokemon the Last Fire Red.

What is pokemon the last fire red?

Pokemon the last fire red is a game available for play on gameboy and gameboy color. It is the fifth generation of pokemon games, and was released in 2003. The game revolves around gameplay from previous generations, as well as introducing new features not seen before in the pokemon series. Basic story: the game is set in the region of Kanto, and revolves around you, the player.

You wake up in your bedroom one day, only to find that a package has arrived for you. Said package is a fire red edition gameboy with the pokemon fire red cartridge inside. On the game manual is written “start playing, and I will be with you”. Amazingly enough this statement comes true as soon as you turn on the gameboy and turn on the game. The main character’s name is Jacob/jake (depending on what gender you have chosen at the beginning of gameplay). (The player may not name their rival, who is named Silver for male characters and hermione for females.

What is so unique about it?

This is a remake of the first generation pokemon games. This was the first version of pokemon to give you different abilities when evolving from one stage to another. It also gave you new Pokemon such as Croagunk, Treecko, and Snivy (welcome to Kanto). However, this would be the last generation to have these features. The game brings in many new features not seen before in any other pokemon game. Most notable is the voice chat feature that allows you to talk with other players within your town (or nearby cities). If another player is logged onto their fire red gameboy then you can send them a message through the voice chat feature on your gameboy color.

What are the features ?

You start the game with one pokemon and a choice of 3. The initial layout of your baby pokemon is determined by the color of the fire red cartridge that you have. Red cartridge = Charmander, blue cartridge = Bulbasaur, green cartridge = Squirtle. You can choose between 4 starter pokemon(charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, and trainers) to start with. These starters are distinguishable by their gender and type (that which they are weak to).But each starter has different strengths and weaknesses.

What are the advantages of pokemon the last fire red?

As mentioned earlier, you start the game with 1 pokemon and a choice of 3. This means that you will not have to try to decide what pokemon is best for your starter, as you do not start with a choice. Also, some of the starters have special features in-game such as: Charmander can learn how to use flamethrower at lvl 3(fire type pokemon) and it evolves into Charizard. It also learns solar beam at lvl 17(dragon type). Bulbasaur can learn grass knot (which is a move that makes a ball of grass light up and carry the user to the destination) at lvl3 and has a good special attack stat. Squirtle can learn bubblebeam(bubble type move) at lvl 3 and its stats are kind of average.

What is the best pokemon?

In order to catch all the pokemon you should probably choose a starter. Bulbasaur has a good special attack, but Charmander has better speed(fast). Charizard has a great special attack and is one of the best fire types in the game. However, if you want to be able to evolve your pokemon then Charmander is probably your best choice due to its high defence and hp stats. Charizard or Squirtle will be both very high in attack, but with Charmanders defence being so good it would be a very safe choice.


This game is a great game to pick up. It is a remake of the first generation, but it has many new features and abilities. This game is more challenging than previous generations and takes more time to play. It gives you 4 pokemon to choose from instead of the traditional 3 and each one has an advantage over the others so it’s somewhat of a fair game. If you are looking for something similar to pokemon fire red then I suggest getting Leaf green or Emerald(leaf green being a remake of the second generation games and emerald being a remake of the third). These games are easier, but still have much more content than past generations due to their new features.

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