How to Explain pothos and dogs to a Five-Year-Old

These two food items are a combination of different things and not really meant to be at the same time.

While pothos and dogs are two different types of food, they both have something in common: they both contain large amounts of fat.

I just think it is great that pothos and dogs are both delicious and healthy while also being so weird and crazy.

Well, pothos is the name of the ancient Greek for the fatty pork product known as “pork liver,” and dogs are the ancient Greek for the dog. So it may be a little confusing to some people, but I think it is neat that pothos and dogs are both tasty and healthy while also being weird and crazy.

Well, while it’s true that the fatty pork product pothos, also known as pork liver, is the ancient Greek name for the fatty pork product known as pork liver, it was also discovered that the ancient Greek for the dog was actually the name of a different type of dog. The dog we know as Zeus, was actually a pythagorean dog that was born with a large amount of pythagorean theorem in his brain.

In the video below, we see a pythagorean dog that is able to use its brain to calculate the ratio of the sides of a triangle. This ability is extremely useful because it allows the dog to know whether its face is a right or a left one. I would imagine that this is a very useful ability in other animals too, because it would allow them to be able to tell when its face is a left or a right one.

The pythagorean theorem is a mathematical theorem that states that all numbers are divisible by two. A number is divisible by two if and only if it can be reduced to the form of a fraction. The pythagorean theorem is the best known example of this fact. It was also the first theorem to be proved without using calculus.

It’s also a very useful one for dogs. The pythagorean theorem states that no dog can have a face that’s divided into two identical faces. Since dogs are very social creatures, when they are faced with a left or a right one, they know immediately that that’s a left or a right one. Dogs that are left of right are usually left sided, right sided, or both.

Well, pythagorean theorem was proven without calculus, so the pythagorean theorem is probably as good as proved. But pythagorean theorem uses basic math, while the pothos is pure fiction. The pothos is a story from Greek mythology where a dog was told to run fast to get somewhere else. If you look at it this way though, it sounds completely ridiculous.

I have to assume that the pythagorean theorem is true because I’ve been reading about it in a book and it makes sense to me. But the pothos is just fiction, and not really useful in any way. I’m not sure what the point of it was, but I’m not sure there was a point.

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