7 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Reviews and Giveaways

What is reviews and giveaways?

The reason for reviews and giveaways is to provide a review of a product as well as giving away the product to one lucky winner. It adds a little bit of fun and excitement to the blog post, incentivizes more comments, and provides value to both the blogger and their audience.

7 mood-boosting benefits of reviews and giveaways:

-They make you feel happier.
-You can learn about new products.
-Helps with your social status.
-Brings motivation from other people’s success stories.
-It makes your blog stand out.
-You can give back to the community.
-Increased traffic and followers.

How to start reviews and giveaways?

  1. Plan it out – Set a time schedule that you are going to post the giveaway on your blog, whether it is weekly, monthly, or yearly. Decide what days of the week you are going to post future giveaways on your blog as well. Decide what products you will be reviewing and giveaway and make a list of them in order of which review/giveaway you want to post first and so forth.

Post your review with a catchy title specifically targeting keywords that people would search for when looking for product reviews (i.e. reviews on specific products, reviews on popular beauty products, reviews on skin care products, etc.). Make sure you include the keyword in the title of your review post. Provide a brief explanation of why you are reviewing each product. Your giveaway should be a giveaway that has a catchy title, explaining why the giveaway is awesome and fun to participate in and win.

  1. Setup rules for reviewers – You will have to set up rules for your reviewers. Such as amount of time you want people to review the product from when they received it until they have posted their review.

What are the advantages?

-You get more exposure.
-You help others decide on a purchase.
-It is free advertising for you.
-You can make friends and learn from others reviews and questions.

What are the disadvantages?

There is one disadvantage to reviews and giveaways: competition. To avoid being part of the competitions, you will have to try different tactics to your giveaway. So that it stands out from the rest as well as not posting a giveaway everyday. Or every week so people have time to participate in your giveaways without feeling overwhelmed with other people’s giveaways as well.”


Reviews and giveaways can help you establish your credibility as a Beauty Blogger and provide you with valuable traffic to your blog. By providing a review of a product and giving away the product for free you not only provide value to your readers but you receive it as well. Reviews are important to give your readers insight on the product that they might be considering purchasing. Giveaways can help increase your traffic, community and drive more sales through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Finally, giveaways help you establish yourself as a valuable member in the Beauty Blogging community and gain more exposure through competition.


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