What Will 10 Proven Tips to Mastering Save Earth Drawing. Be Like in 100 Years?

What is save earth drawing?

Save earth drawing is a technique by which people make art out of the natural materials from their surroundings, such as leaves, sticks, stones, and dirt. Save earth drawing was invented in 1983 by the Canadian artist Jeremy Shaw. In this article you will learn 10 proven tips to mastering save earth drawing.

How can you master the save earth drawing?

The first step is to look for a material that can be used in the save earth drawing. You need to make sure that the material will not cause any trouble to you and your surroundings.
The next step is to write the name of the material in alphabetical order. For example, if you want to draw a rose, write on a piece of paper “R” or “A”. Just as in your school worksheets, by writing down the letters of the alphabet you can pronounce them and create sounds. Now identify all of your materials in their order and put them into a pile. In front of you, choose one’s materials from each pile into which they are divided by their names.

The next step is to cut the materials with a sharp knife. You should keep the pieces in an order that you can work on them individually. When cutting the paper or leaves, you must remember not to cut too much material or you will waste it. After choosing the pile, start cutting them one by one. The main goal of this is to create a well-balanced composition out of the materials by giving equal importance to each piece of material created. It is better for your save earth drawing to have about as many designs and patterns as there are cuts in a piece of paper or a leaf of tree, but not too many for your arms to be tired and your work go into chaos.

What are the things necessary ?

When you start drawing with your save earth drawing, you will find out that a number of things are necessary to complete your work. In addition, the things you might need are novices to save earth drawing and may not be known by many people. However, there will be some things that even beginners can do.

First, when choosing what material to draw with in the paper or leaf of tree, it is very important to choose the material that does not tear or crumble when cut. You have to make sure that the material does not break or it will ruin your work and make it difficult for you to continue. For instance, if you are using paper as a medium then after cutting it makes a big mess on the table.

What materials do you need for save earth drawing?

For all the materials you need

  1. Green paper or leaves
  2. sharp knife
  3. pencils
  4. sticks, stones and other natural material that is not too hard to cut or break your work when you are drawing with it.
  5. a piece of rubber (simply black rubber or rubber band)
  6. paint and brushes
  7. a pen, pencil and eraser etc…


The final task is to make a perfect, well-balanced drawing. You can take a picture of your first or last drawing and keep it as a precious memory to yourself. Also as an encouragement to continue on with this lovely art. What you need to do is prepare the materials you want and then prepare a piece of paper or leaf. Decide which material you want to work with first and place it in the center of the sheet of paper or leaf. Then cut the other materials one by one, then place them in any order that you want until there is no more space for any more material. There are many things that you should know about save earth drawing. There are many things you can do to master save earth drawings. However to be a master in this field it takes lots of practice and patience.


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