Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Steins Gate Watch Order.

What is steins gate watch order?

Steins Gate Watch Order is a formal system of watching, which has been used by the steins gate fandom since 2012, the third season of the anime series Steins Gate. Glad to have you here! You may have already heard about this before, or even come across a piece on it’s use in your favorite blog. But for those who haven’t and are still considering what to watch next; I recommend giving this a read. I feel like these articles help out immensely with figuring out what to watch next!

What makes it so unique?

Steins Gate Watch Order differs from the traditional chronological order in that it takes into account and organizes the temporal order of events. This is different from most anime which solely uses the chronological order system, where everything is watched according to air dates and production order. The usual chronological watch orders are still often helpful as they rearrange scenes to tell a story better and to reduce overly-repetitive scenes as well as bringing out foreshadowing/foreknowledge that you wouldn’t have noticed if you watched them in their streaming order. But this method is not perfect either.

Why is it so famous?

Steins Gate Watch Order is very famous because it was the first of it’s kind. Since its creation in 2012, many more chrono-anime titles have been created using this format. However, Steins Gate Watch Order provides a unique experience that you cannot get elsewhere. Even if you decide to watch Steins Gate in its chronological order, you’ll still get to enjoy the story with no missing parts!

How did it come into creation?

The Steins Gate Watch Order came into existence when a foreign viewer with no knowledge of Japanese watched the anime through streaming websites. While watching the show normally, they noticed that they were missing many scenes; especially those regarding time travel due to not knowing how to skip episodes or specific scenes. This confused them, so they went on Google and typed “Steins Gate chronological” which returned a chronological watch order for Japanese viewers.

The foreign viewer was disappointed that the order did not work for them, because of the difference in air dates (over 7 months between Japan and Korea). That is when they started researching into what could be done to make this working. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked as a fix was to watch Steins Gate backwards from episode 25 to 1, so everything would make sense again; this was due to the time-travel element of the story. This is where steins gate came from.

Why would I want to watch it?

If you’re a fan of Steins Gate and want that extra experience, or simply just want a different way of watching, then steins gate is the way to go. If you are entirely new to the anime and don’t care much about spoilers; then I would recommend you to watch it in it’s chronological order.

What is the purpose of steins gate watch order?

The purpose of steins gate is to give an experience that cannot be replicated. By just watching it in chronological order. By using this format you get to see all of the scenes. Skip all of the boring parts, and actually understand everything that happens. Without having to pause and rewatch scenes over and over again. This is especially helpful if you are trying to review the anime. Or watching it at a really slow pace so as not to miss anything important. Another major use is to be able to compare two different versions of stories. For example, if you want a better understanding of Steins Gate 1 , then this will help you compare timelines.


So, to conclude everything we have just discussed, I am glad you have made it here. I sincerely hope that you have been enlightened by this article. Also you can now enjoy Steins Gate with a whole new perspective. To those who are new and still don’t know what order to watch Steins Gate in; I would recommend that you watch it in chronological order to see the true story unfold first hand.

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