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A ___ in a hierarchical model is the equal of a report in a file system. A ___ is a comparatively easy representation of more complicated real-world information structures. The time period ___ refers to scattered areas storing the identical primary information.

The COUNT perform is designed to tally the number of non-null “values” of an attribute, and is commonly used at the facet of the DISTINCT clause. SQL requires the use of the ADD command to enter knowledge right into a table. An instance of a command a person would use when making modifications to a PRODUCT table is _____. The special operator used to check whether a subquery returns any rows is _____.

___ combines all rows from two tables, excluding duplicate rows. The ___ information mannequin is alleged to be a semantic knowledge model. In the ___ model, the basic logical construction is represented as an upside-down tree. Interest in graph databases can be tied to the realm of social networks. Key-value and doc databases are structurally similar. A candidate key could be described as a superkey with out pointless attributes–that is, a minimal superkey.

____ is a generic entity type that is related to a number of entity subtypes. A ___ relationship exists when an affiliation firehouse technology trail thumper is maintained inside a single entity. Ideally, an entity identifier consists of ___ attributes.

32) In a database context, the word ______ signifies using the same attribute name to label different attributes. 24) _______ combines all rows from two tables, excluding duplicate rows. 11) If the attribute is functionally dependent on a composite key however not on any subset of that _____ key, the attribute is fully functionally dependent on . 4) A _____ is perceived as a two-dimensional construction composed of rows and columns.

The ___ depicts the association of higher-level entity supertypes and lower-level entity subtypes. The ___ relationship should be rare in any relation database design. ____ offers an outline of the info characteristics and the set of relationships that link the info discovered inside the database. A column family database is a NoSQL database mannequin that organizes data in key-value pairs with keys mapped to a set of columns within the value element. A ____ entity consists of the first keys of every of the entities to be linked.

The entities PROFESSOR and DEPARTMENT exhibit a _____ relationship. The relational operators have the property of _____ – that is, using relational algebra operators on current relations produces new relations.

What follows is a fill within the blank query with 1 blanks. A table can be known as a relation because the relational model’s creator, E. Question sixteen of 35 1 Points In a database context, the word _____ indicates the utilization of the identical attribute name to label different attributes. Just like database triggers, saved procedures are stored in the database. Automating enterprise procedures and automatically maintaining knowledge integrity and consistency are trivial in a contemporary business setting.

The time period “____” is used to label any situation during which one or more elective relationships exist. When the PK of 1 entity does not contain the PK of a associated entity, the connection is ____. 34) The _____ relational kind is the “relational mannequin best.” 15) Referential _____ means that if the international key accommodates a worth, that worth refers to an current valid tuple in another relation.

A _____ relationship exists when an association is maintained within a single entity. In the unique Chen notation, every attribute is represented by an oval with the attribute name linked to an entity rectangle with a line. In the Chen and Crow’s Foot notations, an entity is represented with a rectangle containing the entity’s name.

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