The Essential Guide to Video Game Controller.

What is video game controller?

A video game controller is a type of gamepad held in both hands with which the player communicates his or her actions to the video game in order to play it. The most prominent use of controllers in games is for virtual reality interactions, such as in Singularity. Despite what you might think, video game controller is not just an accessory for the game console. It’s also an input device used in games. There are many different types of controllers including: buttons, levers, joysticks, touchscreens and more. Controllers vary not only by their shape but also by how they are held by players and how many are used at the same time.

What is the use of video game controller?

Video game controller is used in many ways. The most common use of the controllers is to control characters in the video games. Controllers are also used with sporting games like baseball, and golf—but only when it can be done without causing physical injury to participants.

What is the origin of video game controller?

The origin of the video game controller started since 1980s. Before that computers and consoles are not made yet on a big scale. Someone invented Pong and Breakout were two simple arcade games which were controlled by two knobs connected to a computer. Many years later, Nintendo released Donkey Kong, a game in which we can move the guy with a joystick (see picture).

What are the features of video game controller?

Here are some of the features which are commonly in video game controllers:
The control pad: The control pad is one of the most common elements of video game controllers. It is a cross-shaped button that allows players to move their characters in the game. The directional pad (D-Pad): A directional pad, or D-pad, is a keypad which primarily features up, down, left and right directions. Two diagonal directions are also typically including. Though they vary greatly among devices. The joystick: Joysticks is manipulating by rolling or moving them around in any direction. It is often Furnish with triggers, buttons or both.

What are the advantages?

Game controllers give players interaction in the games they are playing while they’re sitting down, or even laying down on their bed. Most video game players use controller in their living room without moving, sitting on the couch and even lying on the floor. Controllers allow us to play our favourite games by using only one hand or two hands depending on what type of controllers we are using.

What are the disadvantages?

The joystick is adjust to the correct spot in order for the game to work properly. And it takes some time for players to get familiar to it. If it’s not controlling perfectly, the game might crash. So players have to practice a lot. Also, if you are playing with more than one player at the same time and move at the same time using two controllers, you can’t tell which controller did what because they both move on their own in different directions. This is overcome by using triple or quad controllers. But this will add another cost obstacle.

What makes it so unique?

The game controller has many advantages that make it so unique, such as:

  1. Games Controllers are not just used in the gaming process but they are also used in other entertainment activities.
  2. Video game controllers have a lot of use variables like playing games while holding on to it the same way you hold your mobile phone and communicating with family and friends by clicking on things in the virtual world (like taking a picture or video clip)
  3. The game controllers are easy to handle, hold on to, carry, put away and use again. Which makes them suitable for every age group of people.


The video game controller as a whole is a simplified, versatile gaming input device. It has changed the way in which people play games and have made the games much more fun to play. Video game controllers are one of the best developments in this era of gaming. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about video game controllers is how versatile, sophisticated, and widely adopted this technology has become.

Video game controller is a unique and useful game device. It is widely still in use as an interface to games. People can play video games even when they are sleeping, traveling or do not have the computer and Internet connection available at home. Controllers are also suitable for adults and kids who have dexterity deficits and who need more time to control their characters; they are less challenging than more refined interfaces such as computer mice, touch screens or keyboards.


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